About Us


Founded in 2012 by a group of industry veterans. We are a professional software company dedicated to crafting innovative solutions and providing top-notch development services to clients worldwide.

Our Strength

There are 2 major advantages working with us, 1. Smooth communication in English 2. We provide industrial-leading solutions since we really listen to your problems/pain points and will be able to propose multiple solutions to you rather than just being able to implement your solution.

Technological Proficiency

Our team excels in various tech stacks, including but not limited to Java, PHP, .Net (C#), Python, Kotlin, Object-C, Swift, JavaScript, C, C++, ColdFusion, Ruby, and Solidity. This diverse skill set empowers us to tackle a multitude of software challenges and deliver tailored solutions for every client.


Our core services include solution design, native app development for Android, iOS, web development, all with exceptional artistic design in UI/UX.

Industry Solutions

We have successfully delivered mature solutions in various industries, including manufacturing, healthcare and education. We understand the unique challenges each industry faces and tailor our services to meet their specific needs.

Our Commitment

We are committed to understanding our clients' problems, pain points, requirements and working collaboratively to transform ideas into reality. Our dedicated team of professionals is ready to embark on your next software project and help you achieve your business goals.